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Virgins's hunt

A moor is not a swamp. Võlla moor is a 108 sq km moss hill which is full of water like a huge sponge. In ancient times there were manors around the moor and jus primae noctis was in force. Virgins who thought nothing about manor lords married one of the lakes and turned into water-lilies.

NB! A 10% discount for virgins.

Day 1

Maiden’s hunt – a tractor takes us to the edge of the moor and after 2 km of hiking several moor lakes can be seen. After that we continue our tour by canoes. The moor contains thousands of small interconnected lakes. We return to the farm following the same route.

A night of good sleep

Day 2


An overview of the legacy of Stahl-Holstein. Stahl-Holstein who was born here, worked and died in Beijing as a personal advisor of the emperor of China. A visit to a place of sacrifice.

Virgins's hunt
Beavers’ world